The Academic Roundtable “Research Builds Knowledge” is organised by Academia Mendoza Impacta (AMI) and Academia B ( The main purpose is to encourage the academic community, lecturers and students to go from the motivation of being part of the B Movement towards achieving scientifically sustained information for the development of triple impact economies.

The encounter will take place at the Nave Universitaria of Cuyo University, during the morning of September 10th,

The roundtable will offer presentations of research results, academic posters and a panel formed by academics from different Latin-American countries. These researchers are looking to get scientific evidence to answer the following questions: How are consumers incorporating equity and environmental care-related aspects in their purchase decisions? How are business owners addressing market forces and incorporating equity and environmental care related aspects into their business models?


The academic roundtable is framed under the Encuentro +B, an encounter that brings the different stakeholders belonging to the purpose-driven entrepreneurship ecosystem together.

We welcome the academic community to be part of this space for learning, reflection and co-creation

Tusday, September 10th

Location - Nave Universitaria of Cuyo University